2019 Healthcare That Works For All

In order to stimulate the health policy community with a clear picture of what successful healthcare reform will look like, IAF offers 2019 Healthcare That Works For All. This series of papers describes how different aspects of healthcare can improve through a ten year change process. We invite readers to challenge this view of the preferred future for healthcare by thinking about what might be even better.

Five briefs in the 2019 Healthcare That Works For All series have been published. More will be placed on this website as they are completed.

Values for Healthcare — IAF describes qualities that should shape practices, institutions and outcomes using America’s history as well as international value statements to conclude that we need a larger public dialogue on the values for healthcare.

Health Economics — IAF analyzes the unsustainable trend toward expanding health costs and highlights possible future approaches to reversing this trend and producing more health for every dollar spent.

Payment Systems — IAF identifies how the payment system realigns incentives by providing access to high quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans while containing costs through value-based purchasing.

Delivery systems — IAF forecasts a mind change that centers healthcare delivery on a Health Home for all Americans with coordinated care and effective health management while specialized care is paid through comprehensive fees.

Science and technology — IAF explores new advances in healthcare as well as ways to improve our system of innovation.

Infrastructure — IAF shows the changes likely to affect health information systems, the healthcare workforce and care providers as create a healthcare infrastructure that matches the nation’s values.
Each paper is designed with a common format that makes for a quick read and easy comparison. The papers include required changes, forecasts for successful changes, a sequence of pragmatic steps and a description of what happens if we fail to change.

Please send any comments or questions with regards to 2019 Healthcare That Works For All to: [email protected] with 2019 in the Subject line.

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