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The Disparity Reducing Advances Project (the DRA Project) is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder project developed by the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) to identify the most promising advances for bringing health gains to the poor and underserved and accelerating the development and deployment of these advances to reduce disparities.

The DRA Project works to overcome health disparities by targeting the advances with the highest potential for reducing health disparities and then creating a network of organizations committed to accelerating the development and deployment of those advances. The network will include health care systems and local providers, major Federal government agencies, technology developers, and consumer and patient organizations.

DRA Project Reports

The DRA Project has created a number of reports throughout the project. Reports include DRA Partner Meeting Summaries, Committee Reports, and Priority Area Reports.

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DRA Foresight Briefings

The DRA Project is holding a number of DRA Foresight Briefings to bring the latest thinking on disparity reducing advances to policy makers.

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DRA Partners

The DRA Project relies heavily on our network of Sponsors and Partners for our success. We would like to welcome Center for Integrative Medicine in Public Health (CIMPH) as our latest partner. CIMPH is a diverse team of dedicated professionals representing a wide range of specialties including clinical and public health practice, research, epidemiology, health disparities, education and agriculture that share a common interest in defining and developing the intersection of integrative medicine with public health. You can see all 69 members on our DRA Partner Network section.

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