What We Do

AFA guides corporate boards and management through processes that shape their understanding of long term futures and strengthen decision making for a complex and uncertain world.


AFA Clients

The companies AFA works for recognize that their boards have a responsibility for addressing enterprise risk, assessing strategic plans and weighing in on decisions that are major bets on the future. Management is aware of their accountability to the board and is open to be challenged by views brought from outside the company. They welcome differing views with honesty and openness. The best executive teams see their boards as allies that expand the set of assumptions about the company. Together, board and management cultivate a disciplined approach to testing ideas, options and likely developments.


AFA Value Proposition

Both boards and management teams need to anticipate changes in the world, their industry, and their organization, and make them part of their strategic assumptions. That is the value AFA provides. Our corporate partners become able to anticipate disruptions as well as surprising opportunities coming from new technologies, geopolitical shifts, new business models, and social dynamics. AFA provides a structured process that we tailor to meet your company’s specific needs. This process is drawn from methods from the futures discipline as well as from consulting and facilitation processes that we have developed over the years with successful results in many companies across multiple industries.

In the face of uncertainty, what matters most to AFA clients is agility. That is what we offer. We address a wide spectrum of client needs:

VISION – When new leadership needs to inspire a company with a vision of success in the midst of uncertainty and doubt, we deploy our visioning tools.

STRATEGY – We create and challenge strategy by exploring alternative futures through a range of processes that uncovers deeply held assumptions and unearths surprising opportunities.

ALIGNMENT – We have a unique, proven approach to bringing teams and individuals together with aligned agendas.

INVESTMENT – When a company needs to decide whether to divest or invest in a venture or business unit, the disciplined exploration of options and testing of decisions in alternative futures illuminates where real value is located.

VALUE – We offer long lasting individual and organizational learning that stays with our clients long after the project is finished.


AFA Methods

We choose from a range of methods those that best address client needs.

Environmental Scanning
Scenario Building
Change Leadership
War Gaming