Change Leadership

The AFA team has developed over the years a deep understanding of the subtle cultural dynamics at play in a range of corporate settings. Knowledge from different fields of psychology upholds our capacity to bring teams to their best – even those that might diverge.

Extensive experience across sectors and cultures has also allowed us to understand dynamics between cultures. In the words of Bob Merold, former Senior VP for IMS Health: “These guys understand so much about people with so little data. They can understand and engage with each person at their level of knowledge, values and hope. It’s an added depth that makes their work much more personalized and deeper.” This unique ability enables us to bring teams and individuals together with aligned agendas.

Our psychological knowledge base includes being certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a personality indicator designed to identify the psychological preferences of individuals. We all process information in differing ways and are more comfortable with certain types of thinking than others. The MBTI sorts these preferences into four opposite pairs with a resulting sixteen possible combinations. We often use MBTI in our futures processes to understand how different participants and stakeholders may engage the future in different ways.

A major business research company has selected AFA into its global list of a dozen boutique firms that do effective change management consulting for multinational companies.