Futures Risk Audit

Closely related to our other services, Alternative Futures has developed a new service offering called “Futures Risk Audit “ © that is specifically designed to help boards and senior mangers of organizations identify how their organizations are equipped – or not – to identify and adapt to external risks and challenges. The increasing rate of change in our interdependent world makes “future-oriented thinking” a critical capacity for organizations in order to survive — and potentially to thrive.

Organizations need to develop the capacity to be more agile and resilient by including future-oriented thinking into their governance, planning, decision-making, and reaction time. Companies that do not have adequate foresight capacities will face greater risks and potentially miss out on new opportunities caused by the increasing turbulence and accelerated pace of change in the 21st century.

The Futures Risk Audit combines an analysis of sector-specific and industry-specific external factors affecting organizations as well as an analysis of the internal decision-making and planning process as well as the organizational culture, all of which influence the ability of an organization to identify change and react in a proactive manner.

For more information about the Futures Risk Audit, contact Dr. Flynn Bucy.