7 Mega Projects Currently Under Development in Saudi Arabia

Umer Abdullah
Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a transformative era with the development of seven mega projects set to revolutionize its economic and social landscape. These ambitious endeavors include the futuristic city of NEOM, a hub for innovation and technology.
Saudi Arabia, The Line. Photo: The Line | NEOM.

Saudi Arabia has one of the wealthiest economies in the world. They have recently announced many ambitious mega-projects in the last few years, some already under development. With an economy standing on billions of dollars, the royal family didn’t hesitate even for a moment to invest a few billion in these projects. So, without any further due, let’s get straight to their top seven currently under development mega projects.

1.    Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project. Photo: Red Sea Global I Red Sea Project

On top of our list is the Red Sea project currently under development in KSA and will complete in 2030 by Red Sea Global. The project is also a part of their 2030 program. The construction started in February 2019, located between the Al Wahj and Umluj coastal cities. The project aims to be a tourist nature and will have 8000 latest and advanced hotel rooms. With the Red Sea project, the tourist will be able to enjoy the colors of natural beauty and the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

2.    Qiddiyah Park

Qiddiyah Park is another mega project which is still under development in KSA. However, as part of their Vision 2030 program, the Crown Prince MBS revealed the project’s master plan in 2019. The project is located in Riyadh and will revolutionize and empower its youth and will feature a wide range of Parks, Nature & Environment, Sports & Well-being, and Art & Culture.

3.    NEOM, Smart City Line Project

NEOM, The Line. Photo:  NEOM   I The Line

Announced five years back in October 2017, The Line project is one of the billion-dollar current mega projects in Saudi Arabia. The project is estimated to be roughly $500 Billion, which will use Artificial Intelligence at a vast scale in its development. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman laid the smart city project northwest of Tabuk province, covering around 26500 KM2. There isn’t a fixed completion date, but developers hope to complete its major part by 2039.

4.    Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower is another luxurious mega project in Saudi Arabia still in development. The foundation and construction started in April 2013 as part of their 2030 vision program. However, there are no updates or estimates of its completion period. The project is estimated to be $1.6 Billion and will feature luxurious residential apartments, four-season hotels, hotels, and serviced apartments. It covers a floor space of 243885 square meters with 664 meters of ground.

5.    King Salman Park

King Salman Park. Photo: King Salman Park Project I King Salman Park

King Salman Park’s construction started in March 2019 as part of their 2030 Program. The park ranks as a mega project which is still under construction. The park is urban and covers around 16.4 km of an area constructed on the former King Salman Air Base in north-central Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will serve five green lines of Riyadh metro stations and six of their main road.

6.    Jabal Omar

Jabal Omar will significantly develop in the heart of their holy city, Makkah. Located near the Grand Mosque within walking distance, the project aims to increase visitor capacity during the Holy Hajj season. The project will include a series of hotels and residential buildings close to the Grand Mosque. On its completion, it will be able to increase another 100,000 people capacity in the holy city.

7.    AlUla

The AlUla project is a cultural heritage site of KSA that has a history that dates back 200,000 years. However, the current AlUla project aims to convert the historical site into a modern international destination per their “Journey through time” master plan. The idea was started in February 2019 by their crown prince MBS, as part of their 2030 vision, which will contribute around $32 billion to their GDP and feature museums, cultural centers, and galleries. However, the mega city project’s completion date is still unknown or confirmed.


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