Apple Planning AI Health Coaching Service

Joseph Iyanu
Apple’s AI-powered health coaching service, Quartz, aims to revolutionize digital health, offering personalized programs and emotion tracking..
Heart Rate Monitor on an Apple Watch. Photo: Create Health | Flickr

Apple is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence (AI) powered health coaching service called Quartz. In a report by Bloomberg, the service aims to provide personalized coaching programs to help users stay motivated, improve their eating habits, and sleep better. 

Quartz is part of Apple’s ongoing push into health services, which also includes plans for a mood tracker and an iPad health app.

Quartz: A Personalized Health Coach

Designed to work with the Apple Watch, Quartz uses AI and data collected to provide customized coaching suggestions to users. Quartz resembles LumiHealth, a coaching service launched by Apple in partnership with the Singapore government in 2020. 

However, unlike LumiHealth, the new in-house service will carry a monthly fee. Quartz is expected to be released next year, though it may be canceled or postponed.

Apple iPad. Photo: Niek Verlaan | Pixabay

In addition to Quartz, Apple plans to introduce an iPad version of the iPhone health app. This update will allow users to view electrocardiogram results and other health data on a larger screen, potentially increasing the app’s popularity in healthcare settings. 

The iPad health app is slated for release with iPadOS 17 later this year.

Emotion Tracking And Vision Management Tools

Apple is also developing tools for tracking emotions and managing vision conditions, such as nearsightedness. The initial emotion tracker will allow users to log their mood and answer questions about their day, with plans for future versions to use algorithms to assess a user’s mood through speech, typed words, and other data.

The company’s upcoming mixed-reality headset is set to play a role in the health and wellness strategy. The headset will feature a meditation function and an optimized version of Apple’s Fitness+ workout service.

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Apple is planning to introduce a basic form of blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch in the next few years. Although it won’t display exact numbers, it will alert users to potential hypertension, directing them to try a conventional blood pressure monitor or consult a doctor. 

Furthermore, the company is also working on noninvasive glucose monitoring technology, aiming to integrate the sensor into a future Apple Watch eventually.

A New Perspective: The Impact On The Healthcare Industry

Apple’s foray into AI-powered health coaching services and the addition of new health features to its devices have the potential to transform the healthcare industry. 

Apple Watch Fitness Tracker. Photo: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels

Quartz and other Apple health services could lead to improved patient outcomes by offering more personalized and accessible care.

These services may also provide healthcare providers with valuable insights into their patient’s health, allowing for early intervention and prevention of chronic diseases.

The integration of AI technology in health coaching services could lead to more effective and efficient treatments, ultimately reducing healthcare costs and improving the overall quality of care.

Moreover, as Apple continues to develop and refine its health-focused products, the company may influence other tech giants to follow suit, fostering increased competition and innovation in the digital health sector. As a result, we could see a shift in how healthcare services.

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