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Journalist - Technology and SaaS content writer from the UK. He has worked in the world of tech and WordPress for more than 7 years and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience through his writing. Dean writes for Alt Futures' technology segment, bringing you breaking news stories in the world of tech.

How Could AI Cause Human Extinction?

Could AI cause the extinction of humanity? Although it's important to be mindful that this topic is speculative, the advancement of artificial intelligence has caused global concern and the rise of autonomous weapons amplifies the worry.
Green square with a white knot inside (ChatGPT/OpenAI logo)

Can ChatGPT Be Used For Translation? 

Thanks to its ability to understand context, situations and examples, ChatGPT is a surprisingly great translator. Using some prompt tweaking, you can get amazing results that traditional direct translating services can't provide.
The ChatGPT home screen on a mobile device

Microsoft Puts Bing Into ChatGPT

ChatGPT subscribers will now have up-to-date data and citations when using the AI chatbot. A long awaited feature for fans of the OpenAI project.
Mobile phone with Microsoft Apps displayed

You Can Now Use Bing’s AI Chat Bot Without Being Logged In

Microsoft released its version of ChatGPT, 'Bing Chat', to the public back in February. Since then, it's advanced its features and lifted restrictions among its users. But Bing Chat fans will still come up against access limits.
Google Search on mobile

Google Reveals AI-Powered Search Engine

Google has revealed its generative AI-powered search engine, which provides users a powerful search experience and promises to make your online shopping experience faster and easier.
The EU flag

Europe Wants To Build A Starlink Competitor

European space and telecommunications players come together to form a partnership in response to a call for tender by the European Commission for a European satellite constellation.