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Journalist - Dylan is a passionate geopolitical analyst, reporting from around the world, with a keen interest in global affairs. Focusing on regional power dynamics, security issues, and economic trends, bringing a unique perspective to his writing. Constantly searching for compelling stories that inspire and inform, while breaking down complex topics into digestible articles for readers. When he's not delving into the latest global developments, you'll find him traveling and immersing himself in new cultures while indulging in his love for photography.
A computer chip with GPT-4 on it. Photo: D Koi | Unsplash

5 AI Trends To Look Out For In 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, 2023 promises to be a year of remarkable advancements. From the rise of generative AI to the fusion of quantum computing and AI, this article explores five key trends that will shape the AI industry and impact various sectors in the year ahead.
The OpenAI logo and ChatGPT. Photo: Zac Wolff | Unsplash

How Many People Work For OpenAI?

OpenAI operates using a diverse and talented team of specialists. With the company's dedication to advancing AI, OpenAI brings together experts from various fields, including; research, engineering, software, hardware, and AI development, all working towards shaping the future of AI.
A judge holding a gavel. Photo: Ekaterina Bolovtsova | Pexels

UK Government Is Heating Up On AI Regulation

The UK government is intensifying its focus on regulating AI technology, aiming to balance innovation and safeguard public interests. Recognizing AI's potential benefits and risks, policymakers are formulating measures to ensure responsible development, ethical use, and accountability in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
A table with multiple books on it. Photo: Patrick Tomasso | Unsplash

Author Writes Over 90 Books In 9 Months With AI Help

In a remarkable display of productivity and innovation, an author has accomplished the extraordinary feat of writing over 90 books in a span of just nine months, thanks to the assistance of artificial intelligence.
A man asking ChatGPT a question. Photo: Viralyft | Unsplash

The Top 5 ChatGPT Competitors Ranked

ChatGPT faces increasing competition as other language models emerge, challenging its dominance in conversational AI. The landscape is evolving rapidly, driving innovation and raising the bar for AI-powered chatbots.
An image of BT Tower in London. Photo: Karen Uppal | Unsplash

BT Set To Replace Over 10,000 Jobs With AI

BT Telecoms has announced its plans to use AI technology in its company, leading to the loss of more than one-fifth of its employees. Adopting AI is expected to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and massively reduce costs for BT.
The Apple headquarters in Canada. Photo: Cess Idul | Unsplash

Google CEO: AI Will Touch Everything We Do

In a recent statement, the Google CEO emphasized the future impact of AI on all aspects of human activity. Highlighting its transformative potential, he predicted that AI will have a massive influence on every facet of our lives.
Boxes of new Apple products on a desk. Photo: Julian O'hayon | Unsplash

What The Features Of Apple’s New Mixed Reality Headset Could Be

Apple's highly anticipated mixed reality headset is rumored to feature a high-resolution display, advanced eye-tracking technology, and a LiDAR sensor for enhanced spatial awareness. It is expected to offer a fully immersive experience for gaming, entertainment, and communication.
An order is taken by a drive-through restaurant. Photo: Erik Mclean | Pexels

Wendy’s Set To Launch AI Drive-Throughs To Take Orders

The breakfast fast-food chain, Wendy's, has planned to introduce AI-powered drive-throughs in its restaurants across the United States. The technology will hopefully reduce wait times and improve order accuracy, making a more efficient customer experience.
A Starlink satellite provides service in a remote area. Photo: SpaceX | Pexels

Starlink Is Adding Over 3500 Customers Per Day

Starlink, a subsidiary of SpaceX, is reportedly adding over 3,500 customers to their service per day. Intending to provide global high-speed internet coverage, Starlink has already launched over 3000 satellites and is accepting pre-orders for its service in multiple countries.