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Juan Umbarila

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Journalist - Juan is a PhD candidate in Comparative Studies and an MA graduate in Writing, Editing and Mediating. He has written for The Holland Times, Revista Arcadia, and several scholarly books and journals. When he is not around texts or cultural critique, he enjoys poetry, cycling, cinema, and playing tennis.

Can Chat GPT Be Used For Therapy?

As AI uses expand to more areas of human life, people are using it for all sorts of things, including therapy work. But even though AI can be helpful in therapy-related areas, it is not yet a replacement for a human professional.

Windows Launches AI Copilot

Microsoft just beat competitors to market with the first centralized AI assistant in an Operative System, to be released this summer. What is it all about?

What Does GPT Stand For In Chat GPT?

Chat GPT has suddenly become a common topic (and tool) seemingly everywhere, and it is the protagonist of spirited discussions about where will AI take us in the future. But what is really a GPT and where does it come from?

Why Is China’s Youth Unemployment Rate So High?

An all-time-high youth unemployment rate in China means that 1 in every 5 people between 16 and 24 is jobless. Unprecedented offer of qualified workers and a slow recovery of the economy are contributing factors.

How Could AI Be Regulated By Governments?

Governments worldwide are starting to develop regulations as AI uses grow and multiply, hoping to strike a balance between managing risks and encouraging development.