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Journalist - Umer Abdullah is a passionate and dedicated writer who believes in the power of storytelling to inform, inspire, and connect people from all walks of life. When he's not chasing stories or crafting compelling narratives, Umer can be found hiking with her loyal canine companion.

ChatGPT Costs $21 Million Per Month To Operate

OpenAI's ChatGPT costs an estimated $21 million per month to operate. The massive expense stems from the computing power required to run the AI tool. Microsoft, a key collaborator and investor, is developing cheaper AI chips called Athena to help reduce OpenAI's cost burden and ensure continued growth and affordability.

Spain Carries Out Lung Transplant With 4 Armed Robot

Spanish surgeons performed the world's first-ever robotic-assisted lung transplant using a four-armed robot called Da Vinci, promising improved patient outcomes. This innovative procedure has significant potential to revolutionize lung transplantation worldwide.

People Use ChatGPT To Work Multiple Full-Time Jobs

Discover the surprising trend of people using ChatGPT to work multiple full-time jobs. As AI technology revolutionizes the workforce, individuals leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to enhance productivity and juggle multiple roles. Explore the benefits, challenges, and future implications of this phenomenon in our in-depth article. Embrace the AI-driven future of work!

Inside Elon Musk’s Plan To Turn Twitter Into An Everything App

"Inside Elon Musk's Plan to Turn Twitter into an Everything App" explores the ambitious vision of the tech titan to transform the popular social media platform into a multifaceted super-app. Discover how Musk's innovative ideas are set to revolutionize user experience, incorporating finance, entertainment, and communication services seamlessly, all within Twitter's digital realm.

Scotland To Get Driverless Bus Service In May 2023

Scotland is set to launch its first driverless bus service, "CAVForth," this month. Developed by StageCoach in collaboration with several partners, the autonomous buses will undergo a two-week trial before potentially serving up to 10,000 passengers weekly. The project marks an exciting milestone in the nation's transportation sector.

7 Mega Projects Currently Under Development in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a transformative era with the development of seven mega projects set to revolutionize its economic and social landscape. These ambitious endeavors include the futuristic city of NEOM, a hub for innovation and technology.

Storms and Tornados Ravage the US

The US has recently experienced severe storms and tornados, causing significant damage to several states. Reports indicate that Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri are among the hardest-hit states.