Dyson Launches $950 Air Purifying Headphones

Charles Oladimeji
Dyson’s new headphones have been generating a lot of buzz and news ever since their release in Europe. The headphones have now been officially launched in the US, further fueling the excitement surrounding them.
The New Dyson Air-Purifying Headphones
The New Dyson Air-Purifying Headphones. Photo: Dyson

The unconventional wearable technology, Dyson Zone headphones, featuring air purifying technology, was officially launched in the US on April 27th, 2023. While the addition of this feature has sparked both controversy and excitement among people, it is worth noting that Dyson’s engineers have been working on these headphones for years.

Their research and development have resulted in advanced noise cancellation, full-spectrum audio reproduction, and ultra-low distortion, ensuring the best listening experience for users. Dyson’s new headphones aim to provide a pure, immersive listening experience and on-the-go air purification.

The company’s commitment to delivering on this promise is reflected in the years of effort invested in its development. The headphones come equipped with cutting-edge technology, which offers an unparalleled level of performance. The Dyson Zone headphones are available for purchase at $950 per unit. 

What Is New About The Dyson Zone?

A Man Listening to Music with Headphones on the Road. Photo: Henry Be | Unsplash

The design of the Dyson Zone has captured the attention of many headphone enthusiasts, with some describing it as something out of a sci-fi movie. This groundbreaking technology combines the functionality of a pair of headphones with a face-protecting air purifier. 
Dyson has focused on three key features to make their headphones stand out from the competition.

Firstly, the high-efficiency filtration system is designed to tackle pollution on the go, providing a safer listening experience. Secondly, the company has taken a scientific approach to audio engineering, resulting in a neutral frequency response that accurately replicates music or audio. Lastly, the MyDyson app offers real-time feedback and controls, allowing users to adjust airflow speed, adjust equalization preferences, and track environmental noise levels.

The Dyson Zone has a frequency range of 6 Hz to 21 kHz, enabling users to listen to audio for up to 50 hours. The headphones incorporate cutting-edge technology not commonly found in other products on the market, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation.

The Environmental Impact of The New Dyson Product 

Manufacturing Plant Releasing Harmful Gases into the Atmosphere. Photo: Ria Puskas | Unsplash

The global push towards environmental sustainability has led companies to explore ways to serve their customers and manufacture products without emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. This is precisely the concept behind the Dyson Zone. However, recent concerns have been raised that the company’s efforts may do more harm than good.

Although the Dyson Zone is marketed as a gadget that serves the dual purpose of functioning as a headphone and purifying the air, the production process involved in creating the plastics, batteries, and other components used in the headphones and air purification technology may actually be contributing to environmental pollution.

The earpieces of the headphones require an internal cyclone mechanism to be revved at 10,000 RPM in order to push filtered air to the user’s face. Unfortunately, the result of this process is the release of even more CO2 into the atmosphere. Despite the fact that many people are interested in owning the impressive new Dyson headphones, there are concerns about the negative effects and dangers posed by their manufacturing and usage. 

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