Google Could Move Away From Traditional Search Results

Tanya Taylor
Google joins the “AI race” with the anticipated launch of a new AI-powered search engine.
Google is changing it's search engine
Google will use AI to make it’s search engine more visual and human-like. Photo: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Google could move away from traditional search results to align itself with recent AI advancements. The move is in response to the success of ChatGPT and its integration with rival search engine Bing.

Google bosses want the AI search engine, code-named Magi, to be a “snackable, visual, personal and more human-like” experience. It will replace the traditional list of “blue link” results and appeal to the younger generation.

The New AI Search Engine

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new version of Google AI, Magi, will include more short videos, social media results, and human voices – so people can chat with it. Google will potentially reveal the plans at the I/O Developer Conference this month. 

Google has been the leading search engine and browser for many years, but OpenAI’s ChatGPT revolutionized the internet when it launched in November last year. The programme was a massive success and reached 100 million users in the first two months. 

Rival search engine, Bing from Microsoft, who is a substantial investor in OpenAI, quickly integrated ChatGPT into their services. According to CNN Business, the move was a huge success and has prompted Google to update its technology. 

There’s no clear timeline about when Magi will be available, but early reports suggest it will initially be a slow rollout for up to 1 million users in the USA. 

The AI Revolution

The familiar Google is about to change as it joins the AI revolution. Photo: Nathana Rebouças | Unsplash

AI technology is revolutionizing how we use the internet, and many industries can integrate AI to improve their services. AI can save lives by enhancing medical screening methods – it can develop code, write music and even deliver accurate architectural blueprints. 

According to The Guardian, the massive success of ChatGPT has caused major tech companies to partake in an “AI race”. Dr Andrew Rogoyski of the Institute for People-Centered AI at the University of Surrey says that “The tech industry has been taken by surprise by the embrace of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools”.

There’s no doubt that AI will benefit humanity, but as tech giants race to compete, there’s the fear that they may release technology before we’re ready to handle it, reports Time. AI is causing rapid changes across all industries without room for gradual integration. 

AI Controversies

The unprecedented success of ChatGPT has caused concern among tech leaders. Photo: Mojahid Mottakin | Unsplash

Several prominent figures in the tech world have called for a halt to developing new AI technology. Earlier this month, Goefory Hinton, also known as the father of AI, resigned from Google due to worries about AI safety.

Hinton is concerned about the speed at which AI technology develops and that people with ill intentions could use it negatively. He even went so far as to say that he regretted his work and found some of the Chatbots “scary”.

Elon Musk also signed an open letter recently, as reported by the BBC, which called for a halt in AI development – it had over 1000 signatures, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The letter highlighted that we need more safety measures before delving deeper into the AI World. If left unbridled, AI may pose a serious risk to humanity.


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