Inside Elon Musk’s Plan To Turn Twitter Into An Everything App

Umer Abdullah
“Inside Elon Musk’s Plan to Turn Twitter into an Everything App” explores the ambitious vision of the tech titan to transform the popular social media platform into a multifaceted super-app. Discover how Musk’s innovative ideas are set to revolutionize user experience, incorporating finance, entertainment, and communication services seamlessly, all within Twitter’s digital realm.
New Twitter App! Photo: Souvik Banerjee I Unsplash

Twitter has been making headlines ever since the acquisition by Elon Musk last year. The renowned American-based social media platform has undergone a tumultuous journey, losing almost half of its value in Musk’s pursuit of experimentation. Despite encountering setbacks over the past few months, Twitter has persevered under Musk’s leadership, despite doubts looming over its future.

Many were skeptical about the social media giant’s fate, given the turbulence that has characterized Musk’s tenure. However, the tables have turned as Musk recently announced his latest project of transforming Twitter into an “Everything App.”

The question on everyone’s mind is, what exactly does this initiative entail, and how will it benefit users? Join us as we delve into the visionary plans of the billionaire entrepreneur and explore the potential impact of Twitter’s transformation into an “Everything App.”

The Twitter desktop interface is going to be changed soon! Photo: Luke Chesser | Unsplash

A Little Insight Into The “Everything App”

Musk, who is a regular user of Twitter, tweeted and hinted at creating an Everything App back in October 2022 as part of his “X.” Again, a couple of days back, he did the same by revealing his intentions to create the “X Corp’ making Twitter a part of it.

With “X Corp” and the submerging of Twitter, the billionaire thinks it will become a new social media platform experience that none would have ever experienced in the U.S. Although he didn’t confirm whether Twitter would likely submerge into his new “X” Corp, one thing is sure: to introduce its people to a new yet smart social media platform experience. He added that Twitter would benefit significantly from this “Super App” as it would open many possibilities for its users, making it more convenient and unique.

The “Super App”

Many people are wondering and excited about Musk’s new “Everything App.” However, it is not the first one of its kind as a similar type of “App” is already used in China as “WeChat.” “WeChat” allows its users not only to chat with each other but also to serve as a social media platform and can be used to make payments.

Elon wants to offer the locals a similar experience as part of his great and mysterious “X” plan. In last year’s meeting with Twitter employees, he said there is a “real opportunity” to create something different and unique, like what the Chinese offer their locals.

He didn’t say it would be quite the same as the Chinese one. But he would only take inspiration from the Chinese App, the world’s largest “Super App.” In addition, he even went further to call the possible creation of this new App an immense success. But that is all if only he can achieve it.

Ark Invest Founder’s On “Super App” Vision

The founder of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, shared her thought about Musk’s new vision. Sharing her thoughts at an April 2022 Bitcoin conference, she stated that Elon Musk has what it takes to turn Twitter into a Super App”. In a summit technology conference in Portugal, she said, “Musk is thinking of creating a WeChat-like Super App. Cathie seemed determined that Twitter, under the supervision of Elon Musk, may at some point become like “WeChat.”

WeChat and other apps! Photo: Adem AY I Unsplash

Considering their determination and thirst for technology is Elon Musk. No doubt he can create a Super App similar to yet more enhanced than the Chinese “WeChat” However, there is still time to do that as this whole idea or concept of revolutionizing the social media platform seems only a one-person idea. The “X” game plan is slow and will take time. Till then, things might be different and more challenging.

The good thing is he would already have the main idea of what to do, so it may not be too challenging, though it still would be.


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