People Use ChatGPT To Work Multiple Full-Time Jobs

Umer Abdullah
Discover the surprising trend of people using ChatGPT to work multiple full-time jobs. As AI technology revolutionizes the workforce, individuals leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities to enhance productivity and juggle multiple roles. Explore the benefits, challenges, and future implications of this phenomenon in our in-depth article. Embrace the AI-driven future of work!
ChatGPT Interface. Photo: Levart | Unsplash

ChatGPT has been in the spotlight for many reasons for the past few months. Especially ever since its latest GPT4 version got released last month on March 14, millions of more users have joined it. It’s helping millions of users in different ways, both on personal and professional levels. Whether you are a writer, a programmer, a software developer, a lawyer, or any other profession, ChatGPT can help you in many different ways.

So, what exactly is a ChatGPT, and how is it helping millions of users in a different full-time job? Read below for some interesting facts about this AI-based tool.

ChatGPT prompts extension. Photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi | Unsplash

How Is It Helping People With Multiple Full-Time Jobs?

ChatGPT is no longer a secret; considering what it is capable of, it’s not hard to believe many people would use it for multiple jobs. For instance, think for a moment as an employer that your employee is working too fast or accurately in generating an answer for you. Moreover, considering their agility in work, you can easily guess they are using any AI tool to make things easier, like ChatGPT.

As reported by the Daily Mail in their science tech article, Ben from Toronto, who works as a marketer in financial technology companies, is using ChatGPT to ease his work and use it for other jobs. According to Ben, “ChatGPT Is helping me do 80% of my work at my job”. He added he took this advantage of working remotely in 2021 when Covid-19 was causing devastating impacts on the public and private services industry.

He now admits that of doing two jobs, and his colleagues are now also using ChatGPT to fulfill the needs of their demanding marketing world and can do specific other jobs without letting their employers know about it.

Automation Is The Future

ChatGPT understand prompts in your local language. Photo: Rolf van Root | Unsplash

The automation of jobs will strangely boom under the reign of these Chatbots. Another “over-employed” worker, while sharing his views with Vice, reported that he has been using ChatGPT to generate different applicable codes that helped him to work as a financial reporter with three other jobs. However, he requested not to disclose his identity and whereabouts.

And, of course, not to mention the writing industry, we all know how incredibly millions of freelancers or full-time workers use ChatGPT to write blogs, articles, essays, or other similar stuff. But these are just a few examples where people are using Chatbots and fooling their employers with the impression that they only work with them as full-time employees.

Millions worldwide work as “over-employed” or simultaneously do two or three full-time jobs for several reasons. However, the real question is how is that possible, and where are they getting all the help? People nowadays use AI-based chatbots, like the OpenAI ChatGPT, to help them with their various tasks or challenges. These Chatbots solve their problems or answer their questions in seconds so that they can pick up more clients or employers. Since the results are satisfying, the clients or employers may not mind, even with a clear notion of the person using ChatGPT or any other AI-based tool.


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