Storms and Tornados Ravage the US

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The US has recently experienced severe storms and tornados, causing significant damage to several states. Reports indicate that Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri are among the hardest-hit states.
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Storms and tornados are among the worst kinds of disasters that any country faces. On an estimate, unfortunately, the U.S. faces 1200 tornados and 100,000 thunderstorms each year. Luckily, only 10% of the storms are severe. So what exactly are a tornado and a storm, and why does America have to face them a lot?

Recent Tornados In The U.S

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The U.S. is again on the hit of tornados and storms. Again, it’s very powerful and has hit the Midwest and Southern parts of the United States. Not only has it caused infrastructural damage, but deaths have also been reported. Various sources are reporting different numbers of death. However, on an estimate, 26 deaths have been confirmed so far.

Until 31st March, the national weather service reported that 80 tornados had hit different parts of the U.S. In several states, many houses have been destroyed, with thousands of homes still facing electricity power loss.

Causalities And Damage Across Multiple States

Luckily, the death toll isn’t that high, considering the severity of the tornado. However, various news sources report the major hit states, including Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri. All these states received casualties, with hundreds of residents still injured in different hospitals.

Tornado’s Impact On Little Rock And Other Cities:

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In Arkansas, Little Rock was the most populated area hit by tornados. The property damages are severe, especially on its west side, where the living apartments and commercial buildings were strongly hit.

As for the Deaths, the highest number recorded thus far is in Tennessee. The authorities have reported 15 deaths as a result of storms. In McNairy County, seven people died from the hurricane this past Saturday. On a door-to-door check, the welfare volunteers reported another two dead people. In addition, 72 homes have yet been destroyed due to the storm’s severe impact thus far.

Luckily, the causalities and losses are less than they may have been, as the McNairy County Sheriff reported to CNN. The Sherriff reports that people responded to the early warnings. Guy Buck told CNN that people heeded early to the warnings, avoiding hundreds of causalities. He added, “Do not underestimate the power of mother nature.”

Next, we have Illinois, which has reported four deaths so far. It also includes one causality of a person who died on the Appolo Theater roof in Belvidere. The roof collapsed on Friday, and 200 people are already inside the theatre building. The same is the condition in Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Delaware, where deaths have also been reported.

Severe Weather Warning for Ohio, Mississippi Valley, And Tennessee Valley

Monday is expected to be slightly calm from the storm effect. However, there may still be a partial threat of thunderstorms across the central coast gulf states, Mississippi Valley, Midwest, and Southern Plains. But that would be severe, as the National Weather Service is reporting.

Moreover, Tuesday afternoon is predicting another widespread severe weather warning again in the Ohio, Mississippi Valley, and Tennessee Valley, which are still in the laps of the current storm effects.

The National Weather Service is warning about its situation “These Storms will threaten a few strong tornados along with large hailing and damaging wind gusts. The risk warning issues are of moderate level, ranked at 4 and 5, predicted by Western Illinois, Eastern Lowa, and Northern Missouri, as predicted by their Storm prediction Centre across different areas.

President Biden and the First Lady have already visited the Mississippi hit areas to assess the storm damages and took notice and appraised the recovery efforts too.


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