The Dubai Creek Tower: What’s The Latest? 

Charles Oladimeji
The Dubai Creek Tower is poised to shatter records, as it ascends to unprecedented heights and claims the title of the world’s tallest building upon its completion.
The Dubai Creek Tower. Photo: Emaar

With its awe-inspiring construction and soaring stature, the Dubai Creek Tower is poised to push the boundaries of modern architecture, setting a new standard for iconic structures. This visionary construction project, initiated in October 2016, is set to become the centerpiece of Dubai’s ambitious plans over the next decade.

The final height of the tower has not been officially confirmed, as it may be subject to changes, but it is estimated to reach a staggering height of 1,345 meters, nearly four times the size of the iconic Empire State Building. As a supported observation tower located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Creek Tower is destined to become an unparalleled symbol of human ingenuity and engineering marvel, surpassing previous records and redefining the city’s skyline.

In the past, embarking on construction projects as ambitious as the Dubai Creek Tower would have been deemed impractical due to the enormous costs and environmental considerations involved. However, Dubai has long been renowned for its unrelenting pursuit of innovation and breaking world records, particularly in the world of architecture and technology. 

Current Situation Of The Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower Construction Site Entrance. Photo: ZariokX | Wikimedia Commons

Renowned Swiss-Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, celebrated for his iconic designs such as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City and the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens in Athens, has envisioned the awe-inspiring Dubai Creek Tower. The preliminary cost of this ambitious project is estimated at AED 3.67 billion (US$1 billion).

Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the region, the design of the Dubai Creek Tower pays homage to traditional Arabian dhow ships with their majestic sails, the graceful minarets of a mosque, and the elegant form of the lily flower. The result is a visionary fusion of art, technology, and culture, capturing the spirit of Dubai’s bold and progressive approach to architecture.

The Dubai Creek Tower was originally expected to be completed in 2022, however, the construction is currently on hold due to the unprecedented impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Creek Tower’s top level boasts ten observation decks, clad in over 10,000 LED lights for a dazzling night display. With a sky lounge offering panoramic views of Dubai, this mega skyscraper promises an unforgettable experience. Dubai’s architectural innovation shines through as the Creek Tower remains under construction, with an estimated timeline of 2-3 more years to complete. Meaning, if all goes to plan we should see the completed tower by 2025.

Economic Implications Of The Tower

The base of the Dubai Creek Tower. Photo: Emaar

The Dubai Creek Tower is expected to have a substantial impact on various sectors of the economy in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole. This ranges from the areas of tourism and real estate to other sectors such as construction and infrastructure, branding and image as well as hospitality, and F&B (Food and Beverage). The tower is expected to boost the tourism industry, attracting more tourists and generating revenue from ticket sales, merchandise, and other tourism-related activities.

This unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible has made Dubai a global leader in cutting-edge construction, defying conventional limits and blazing new trails in science and engineering. The Dubai Creek Tower is proof of this visionary approach, as it seeks to redefine the very notion of what is achievable in modern architectural marvels.

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