Web Browing & Plugins Beta Rolled Out To ChatGPT Plus Users

Sarah Raines
ChatGPT has announced a groundbreaking development for its valued Plus users. As part of its continuous effort to enhance users’ experience, ChatGPT has rolled out a beta version of web browsing capabilities and plugins integration directly within the ChatGPT interface.
ChatGPT Interface. Photo: Levart | Unsplash

As a ChatGPT Plus user, you now have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy early access to a range of experimental new features that will enhance your conversational experience. These features are still in development and may evolve over time, providing users with a unique and engaging interaction.

The long-awaited update also came with 70 plugins scaling the platform to new heights. This update was pushed live after months of speculation, with Open AI allowing ChatGPT Plus users to decide whether they want them with the latest beta feature.  

ChatGPT experimental features open users to better user experiences, spanning across entertainment to job searches. Now, the chat interface is capable of much more and has many possible functionalities. Without delay, let’s walk you through what this new update means for users. 

What Does The New Update Mean For ChatGPT Users?

One of the significant limitations of ChatGPT was its inability to access timely information. As a result, research on the platform limited facts and figures to 2021. Also, until May 12, users could only access ChatGPT plugins by logging in and joining a long waitlist.

After its competitor site, Google’s Bard, made updates that allowed them to connect to the internet, Open AI had to follow suit. Now, users can search for up-to-date information and cross-check information on ChatGPT Plus.  

When users select the web browsing feature, ChatGPT provides the source of the answer to your prompt and the typical result we are used to. This way, you can cross-check information. Selective browsing is one of the perks of the web browsing feature in the beta phase. ChatGPT’s 70 plugins mean increased functionalities. Users can pick any plugin they need in the store. Hence, they can use the chat interface for investing, entertainment, marketing, prompt generation, and more. 

Nonetheless, even with its growing selections of plugins, users can only select three at a time. Moreover, not all plugins are well integrated into the system. But we hope all these are improved before the features go online for regular users. 

How To Opt On ChatGPT New Features

Web Browing & Plugins Beta Rolled Out To ChatGPT Plus Users

ChatGPT Plus users can now try web browsing and plugins by clicking on the new beta features setting option. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Head to the setting icon at the booted left corner of your screen 
  • Click on setting 
  • Select the beta features option 
  • Toggle both features—Plugins and Web browsing

After enabling both settings, a new option from the ChatGPT model switcher pops up. Here, users can find the option for both Web browsing and Plugins. Users can now select web browsing for a web-connected browsing experience or visit the plugin store to install and enable plugins. 


Open AI has finally connected ChatGPT to the internet. While these new beta features are limited to ChatGPT Plus users, it will only take a little while before regular users have access too! The interesting part of this update is how the OpenAI announcement is close to PaLM 2 and Bard AI updates on May 10, 2023. 

The AI “war” is ongoing, which undoubtedly means rapid development is underway too. We might see other limitations of ChatGPT disappear in a flash soon. As both AI companies tug the rope of who makes the better products, consumers get the best tools faster. However, the evergreen question remains: can humans keep up? 


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