Wendy’s Set To Launch AI Drive-Throughs To Take Orders

Dylan Turck
The breakfast fast-food chain, Wendy’s, has planned to introduce AI-powered drive-throughs in its restaurants across the United States. The technology will hopefully reduce wait times and improve order accuracy, making a more efficient customer experience.
An order is taken by a drive-through restaurant. Photo: Erik Mclean | Pexels
An order is taken by a drive-through restaurant. Photo: Erik Mclean | Pexels

The fast-food restaurant Wendy’s has announced plans to introduce AI drive-throughs to take customers’ orders in the United States. The technology, which will be tested at select locations, is aimed at improving order accuracy and speed while reducing wait times for customers.

According to a statement released by Wendy’s, the AI drive-throughs will use machine learning algorithms to suggest menu items based on customers’ previous orders and their current location. The technology can also understand and process complex orders, including customization requests.

Wendy’s is partnering with artificial intelligence company, Valyant AI, to develop the technology for its drive-throughs. The company has worked on AI-based solutions for the restaurant industry since 2018.

The decision to integrate new technology into fast-food chains has become increasingly popular, as companies are striving to enhance both customer experience and operational efficiency. Other franchises like McDonald’s and Starbucks have already adopted AI-operated drive-through systems in select outlets.

Wendy’s has not yet announced which locations will test the AI drive-throughs or when they will launch, but customers can expect to see the technology in use soon.

What Is Wendy’s?

A Wendy’s Restaurant in London. Photo: Batu Gezer | Unsplash

Wendy’s is a well-known fast-food franchise in the United States, celebrated for its breakfast burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries. The restaurant was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio. As of now, Wendy’s has expanded its operations and currently operates over 6,700 outlets across the U.S.

The menu at Wendy’s features a range of classic fast-food items, such as the Baconator, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and dessert. However, the chain is more well-known for its innovative and unique food combinations, such as the Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger and the Breakfast Baconator.

Wendy’s has gained popularity for its witty and comical marketing strategies. One of its famous slogans from the 1980s, “Where’s the beef?” and its latest social media campaign, the “Nuggs for Carter” Twitter challenge, have significantly contributed to keeping the brand in consumers’ minds.

Wendy’s is known for its commitment to quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and animal welfare. The company has recently pledged to source 100% of its chicken from farms that meet strict animal welfare standards by 2024.

Overall, Wendy’s has become a beloved and iconic brand, in the fast-food industry, known for its delicious food, innovative menu items, and clever marketing campaigns.

How Is AI Being Used In The Fast Food Industry

A restaurant worker is preparing pizza dough. Photo: Vaibhav Jadhav | Pexels

The fast-food industry has undergone a massive transformation since the invention of AI. Many companies have turned to AI to streamline restaurant processes and manage food orders. Popular fast-food chains, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Domino’s, have already implemented various AI-powered solutions to streamline their processes and enhance the accuracy and speed of order-taking.

AI has been used in the fast food industry for a long time through the development of self-service kiosks. These kiosks enable customers to place orders and pay with cash or a card. In addition, AI-powered self-service kiosks can provide tailored meal suggestions based on the customer’s past order and personal preferences, making the ordering experience even more convenient and personalized.

Another way that fast-food chains are utilizing AI is through their mobile apps. Customers can use these apps to place orders, and the AI algorithm can recommend popular items and promotions. The apps can also track delivery time, process payments, and offer coupons or discounts.

Additionally, AI is being used to optimize kitchen operations. Fast-food companies use AI to predict customer demand and adjust the restaurant’s staffing and inventory needs accordingly. AI also orders stock to resupply the kitchen when levels are low. This process helps to reduce waste and ensure that popular items are always available.

Overall, AI is optimizing the fast-food industry by providing a more efficient and personalized experience for customers, all while streamlining operations and reducing labor costs for fast-food restaurants.


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