What Can Opera’s New AI Browser Assistant Actually Do? 

Dean Burton
Introducing ‘Aria’, Opera Browser’s secret weapon. Opera users now have free access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly in the browser, giving Opera an edge over competitors.
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What Can Opera’s New AI Browser Assistant Actually Do? Photo: Denny Müller | Unsplash

OpenAI is already making people billions of dollars, and now it seems Opera, one of the oldest desktop web browsers still actively developed, wants a piece of the pie.

Opera Browser users now have access to free generative AI after the company unveils ‘Aria’, its new browser AI.

The additional feature of the browser lets users harness the power of AI directly in the browser in the form of a chat interface to level up their creativity and power up productivity, giving Opera Browser an edge over competitors. 

Connecting to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the update brings together all the power of the existing browser with the next-level technology of an artificial intelligence chatbot.

So, what can the new AI browser assistant actually do and how can you use it to enhance your creativity and power up your productivity?

Getting Started With Aria

Opera’s Integrated Browser AI. Photo: Opera press | press.opera.com

Aria is the result of a collaboration with OpenAI and relies on several Large Language Models (technology designed to receive questions and provide responses using natural language) such as the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer built by OpenAI (the GPT in ChatGPT).

This means you can now utilise the existing power of the Opera browser alongside state-of-the-art AI chat technology from OpenAI.

Users are required to have an existing Opera account to use the chat interface feature and if you’re not yet signed up you’ll be redirected to a sign-up page before you can use it. 

The addition of an AI chatbot directly in the browser allows users to efficiently gather information from around the internet and have it presented in a logical and concise format. You can even have Aria condense, shorten and summarise the information it finds across the web based on your query, saving you tons of time.

There are no limits to how many ‘chats’ you can open and no limits to the number of queries or messages you can send, according to Opera.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Using Aria To Enhance Everyday Productivity

Enhance Everyday Productivity. Photo: Clark Tibbs | Unsplash

Having a chatbot interface natively in the browser opens up a world of time-saving hacks. 

Aria can assist you in tackling day-to-day tasks such as writing an email, tweet or social media post in any style of writing you specify. So if you’re using it for business, for example, you can rely on it to assist you in creating emails in a formal tone. 

You can have Aria summarise webpages, compile databases, and grab code for you and since it has access to Opera’s database of documentation, you can even ask it for support relating to any of Opera’s products directly in the browser.

Additionally, you can utilise Aria to assist you in making faster and more accurate decisions in daily life. 

Let’s say you’re planning a family vacation. You can start a chat with Aria by asking it to compare your top 3 destinations (including any further criteria you provide) and it will present data it finds from across the internet in an easy-to-digest format, saving you from doing the digging. 

You have all the features of ChatGPT in the browser while having the option to grab real-time data from the web to help with any query.

Aria is in the early stages, but Opera has plans to expand and connect to more AI modules in the future which will expand its features and capabilities.

Are you an Opera user? Will you be using the new Aria feature? Let us know how you’ll be using it in the comments.


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