Where Will The Next Tallest Building In The World Be?

Charles Oladimeji
Over time, several remarkable structures have been built in different countries around the globe, with the Burj Khalifa standing out as one of the most notable due to its status as the world’s current tallest building.
Jeddah Tower construction. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, UAE, claimed the title of the world’s tallest building in 2010 and has held the record ever since. This magnificent structure, which began construction in 2004, took six years to complete and was designed to accommodate a range of commercial, residential, and hospitality ventures. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), or just over half a mile, no other building worldwide has surpassed the Burj Khalifa’s impressive stature.

Since April 1st, 2013, a construction project has been in progress in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This ambitious project involves the construction of the Jeddah Tower, which is set to exceed the Burj Khalifa in height and become the world’s first building to reach the 1 km (3,281 ft) milestone. Meanwhile, in various locations worldwide, construction of other exceptional skyscrapers is also underway, each showcasing distinctive and captivating features.

Below are some of the world’s tallest buildings under construction and their respective locations.

China International Silk Road Center

This iconic supertall skyscraper, also known as the Greenland Center, is located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. It boasts 101 floors and a height of 498m (1634 ft). The project was proposed in 2017, with construction beginning in 2019. Upon completion in 2025, it is expected to join the ranks of the tallest buildings in the world.

The Greenland Center has been designed to accommodate mixed-use purposes, including hotel, office, and residential spaces. Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, a renowned architectural firm, is responsible for the building’s design and construction.

Fuyuan Zhongshan 108 IFC

The Fuyuan Zhongshan 108 IFC, also known as the Bay Area Star, is an upcoming skyscraper in Zhongshan, China. Upon completion, it will comprise 108 floors, standing at a height of 498m (1634 ft). Construction of the tower began in 2021 and is projected to conclude in 2029.

This building will serve a range of functions, including hotel, SOHO, and office spaces. Once the tower is completed, it is expected to surpass the International Trade Center, currently Zhongshan’s tallest building, to become the new tallest in the area.

HeXi Yuzui Tower A

Hexi Yuzui Tower A, located in Nanjing, China, is a magnificent building designed for office operations. With an expected height of 498.8m (1636 ft) and 85 floors, it is set to become one of the tallest buildings in Nanjing upon completion in 2025.

One of the tower’s most remarkable features is its 360° open-air observatory at the top, which will be one of the highest in the world, offering a breathtaking view of the cityscape. The Hexi Yuzui Tower A was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture. 

Greenland Jinmao International Financial Center

Also known as Greenland Tower, this multipurpose skyscraper in Nanjing, China, has a planned height of 499.8m (1640 ft) and a total of 102 floors. Construction of this impressive tower began in 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2025, making it the tallest building in Nanjing and surpassing the Zifeng Tower by 158 ft.

The Greenland Centre is part of a series of impressive skyscrapers being constructed in Nanjing. It is being developed by Greenland Group with the architects being Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. Once completed, this towering structure will offer a variety of uses and be a remarkable addition to the city’s skyline.

Jeddah Tower 

Jeddah Tower under construction. Photo: Ammar Shaker | Wikimedia Commons

The Jeddah Tower, previously known as the Kingdom Tower, began construction in 2013 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. However, its progress was halted in 2018 at the one-third completion point due to labor disputes with a contractor following the 2017–2019 Saudi Arabian purge. The tower is designed to be the first building in the world to reach a height of 1 km (3,281 ft), making it the centerpiece and first phase of a development and tourist attraction called Jeddah Economic City.

It is intended to serve a variety of functions, including offices, hotels, apartments, observation decks, and retail spaces. The building was designed by Adrian Smith, the same American architect who designed the Burj Khalifa. It is currently unclear when construction on the Jeddah Tower will resume, but if completed, it will surpass the Burj Khalifa to become the tallest building in the world.

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