Wow: Berlin Coder Finds Rental Apartment Using ChatGPT

Joseph Iyanu
Berlin coder, Daniel Dippold, innovatively uses AI chatbot, ChatGPT, to find a rental apartment after months of unsuccessful searches.

Berlin, a city known for its vibrant culture and tech scene, recently witnessed an innovative approach to apartment hunting. Daniel Dippold, a 28-year-old tech entrepreneur, as reported by Business Insider, found a rental apartment using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This breakthrough came after months of fruitless searching on traditional platforms.

Dippold, the CEO and founder of venture capital firm EWOR, and his partner had been searching for a suitable apartment in Berlin for four months. They explored popular German housing platforms like Immo Scout24, immowelt, and Immonet, but to no avail. Even their personal network failed to provide any promising leads.

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ChatGPT: A New Solution To An Old Problem

Feeling frustrated, Dippold turned to ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI. He had been using ChatGPT for coding and was intrigued by its capabilities. He wondered if he could leverage this technology to find an apartment.

ChatGPT is providing innovative solutions to old problems. Photo : Matheus Bertelli | Pexels

ChatGPT, a software application that mimics human conversation, is part of a new wave of AI systems capable of maintaining a conversation with a user in natural language. It uses aspects of deep learning and natural language processing to simulate human-like conversation.

Innovative Suggestions From ChatGPT

Dippold asked ChatGPT to suggest 20 innovative, tech-focused methods to find an apartment. The chatbot provided a range of options, including setting up automated alerts on housing websites and developing a machine-learning model to predict the best deals.

While some suggestions were impractical, one caught Dippold’s attention: creating a database of all the public and private property managers in Berlin. He liked this idea as it would allow him to inquire about apartments that might soon be on the market, giving him a competitive edge.

ChatGPT provided Dippold with 20 innovative, tech-focused methods to find an apartment. Photo: Airam Dato-on | Pexels

To build this database, Dippold asked ChatGPT to create a web scraper in Python. The chatbot generated a script, which, after some tweaks by Dippold, produced a database of over 100 property management firms in Berlin. Each entry included an address, location, phone number, and email.

The Power Of Personalized Emails

Dippold then manually wrote emails in German to each management company, introducing himself and his partner and explaining why they would make good tenants. The response was overwhelming. He received 35 responses in just one day.

To manage the influx of emails, Dippold asked ChatGPT to generate code for automatic responses, including personal documents like passports and pay stubs. This allowed them to send out their application materials ahead of other prospective tenants.

The Final Decision

After narrowing down the list to three units, Dippold, and his partner are now choosing between two apartments that accepted their applications.

Dippold’s innovative use of ChatGPT to find housing was not only faster but also yielded higher quality results than traditional apartment hunting methods. Despite some limitations, such as generating “buggy” code and providing some impractical suggestions, Dippold found workarounds and used his coding expertise to fix bugs.

Dippold’s success story demonstrates the potential of AI in simplifying complex tasks. As a self-proclaimed digital nomad, Dippold is confident that he will use ChatGPT to find housing again in the future.

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