Wow: New AI Can Read Novel In 60 Seconds

Charles Oladimeji
Anthropic has announced that their AI language model, Claude, can now read and analyze a book’s worth of material in less than a minute.
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Claude AI by Anthropic. Photo: Tara Winstead | Pexels

Anthropic, an AI company founded by former OpenAI employees, introduced Claude, an AI chatbot, in March. After undergoing several months of closed alpha testing, Claude is now available as a next-generation AI assistant. Anthropic’s research into developing helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems serves as the basis for the AI Chatbot’s capabilities, which include a wide range of conversational and text-processing tasks. Despite its versatility, Claude remains reliable and predictable.

Anthropic announced on Thursday that their AI chatbot, Claude, can now read an astonishing 75,000 words in under a minute. This feat was made possible by expanding Claude’s context window to 100,000 tokens, which is equivalent to about 75,000 words. This is a significant improvement from the previous limit of 9,000 tokens. 

Claude AI’s Incredible Ability 

Claude AI can Read 75,000 pages in less than a Minute. Photo: Brandi Redd | Unsplash

Claude is a large language model (LLM) that functions similarly to OpenAI’s GPT-4. It operates by predicting the next token in a sequence based on a given input. Tokens are fragments of words used to simplify AI data processing. The “context window” of an LLM is akin to short-term memory, representing the amount of human-provided input data that the model can process at once.

Anthropic’s recent expansion of Claude’s context window to 100,000 tokens means that the LLM can now consider larger works, such as books, and participate in lengthy interactive conversations spanning hours or even days. According to a statement from Anthropic, Claude is highly adept at analyzing text in mere seconds—tasks that may take humans minutes or even hours to perform. According to Anthropic, the average person takes approximately five or more hours to read 100,000 tokens of text, and even longer to digest, remember, and analyze that information.

However, Claude can now accomplish this feat in under a minute. To demonstrate its capabilities, the entire text of The Great Gatsby, consisting of 72K tokens, was loaded into Claude-Instant. A single line was modified to describe Mr. Carraway as “a software engineer that works on machine learning tooling at Anthropic.” When prompted to identify the difference, the model responded within 22 seconds.

The Future Of Claude AI 

Robot Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Possessed Photography | Unsplash

Although Claude AI is already impressive, Anthropic is continually working to improve its functionality and effectiveness. Currently, two versions of Claude are available: Claude and Claude Instant. Claude is a state-of-the-art, high-performance model, while Claude Instant is a lighter, less expensive, and faster option. Anthropic states that Claude’s expanded capabilities go beyond processing books and responding to user requests.

The increased context window could potentially allow businesses to extract crucial information from multiple documents through conversational interaction. The company suggests that this approach may outperform vector search-based methods when dealing with complex queries. Anthropic is committed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence and continues to make new developments in its quest to do so.

While the company works on improving its existing products, it is also excited about the potential of AI to revolutionize digital media. Recently, Anthropic partnered with AssemblyAI, an innovative AI company that will assist in powering its platform of APIs for transcribing and understanding audio data at scale. With artificial intelligence generating more buzz than ever, tech and AI enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating new developments in the industry.

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